Advantages of Mobile Apps over responsive websites

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Website market has evolved in last few decades. Back in days we used to focus on telling businesses to at least have a website that can mark their online presence. Businesses globally have evolved, they not only have a website now but they also make sure that the website is mobile friendly as well. By doing so they make sure that they are maximising on mobile users as well. However, does that suffice? Is having a responsive mobile friendly website enough for business in todays world? At Webhexagon we believe that having a mobile ready website is good but it doesn’t give enough fuel for your business to optimise your growth in near future. 

But, why should you get an app? And what are the key benefits of mobile applications over mobile websites? We have examined the world market and have gathered few compelling reasons for you to build an app.


Mobile apps provide a much faster alternative than mobile websites. Websites require a web browser, enter a URL and wait for the site to load, whereas mobile apps only take a second to launch.

Can work offline

Unlike websites mobile apps doesn’t need to reload files from the server. The majority of information is stored in the application itself making it possible to function offline. 

Direct engagement with the customer

Since your app resides in your customer’s mobile you have a direct connection with the consumer. They don’t have to look for you, you stay with them always. Website can’t do this for you unless consumer really take the pain of saving your website as a bookmark (highly unlikely).

High brand retention value

Mobile apps come with perks of their own. With notification feature you can just make sure that your brand name is always there in top of their mind. Websites simply lack this perk and tend to loose its brand value. 

Higher business growth

Whether you sell products or services mobile apps provide you a platform that can work as a launchpad for your business growth. Number of studies have proved that over 60% users prefer mobile apps over mobile ready websites to purchase online.
Websites create awareness and Mobile apps convert that into sale.

While we talk superiority of mobile apps over mobile ready websites, we are not at all saying you should replace your mobile website with an app. Instead what we are saying is that you should have the best of both worlds. 
We believe that mobile responsive websites are not enough to power your business. Have a website that creates the awareness and let the mobile app do the selling. That’s what we call best of both the worlds. That’s teh reason companies around the world will soon need to consider mobile app development to stay ahead of the competition.

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